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If you have read our last blog, then you already know what to expect while you recover from your surgery. We discussed the kind of movements that you should perform to keep your shoulder from getting stiff, while still protecting your repair. During this blog however, our specialists at VITUS Clinical Services will go over the 3 phases of healing in your tendon:

  • The first phase is called the inflammatory phase, and it occurs during the first week after your surgery. During this phase you can expect a small amount of bleeding to occur. You platelets will start to form a clot, which will help to slow down the bleeding. Chemicals will be sent throughout the body to attract inflammatory cells.

  • The second phase of tendon healing is referred to as the new cell formation phase, in other words, the proliferative phase, which usually takes place at around 2-3 weeks after your surgery. In this phase, all of those inflammatory cells will produce scar tissue, and the original clot will be replaced with new blood vessels. The scar tissue that is formed in this phase is the building block for the more permanent repair tissue to form in the next phase.

  • The third phase is called the maturation and remodeling phase, and it usually happens at around 3 weeks after your surgery. The production of tissue is slowly tapering off in this phase, and the scar tissue is starting to be replaced by more mature, repair tissue –this remodeling continues to happen until the scar tissue is completely transformed into the permanent repair tissue. This phase generally lasts at least 12 weeks, but can sometimes last up to 26 weeks.


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